Building Effective Teams Course

1 Day
IDEAL FOR: Team Leaders, Supervisors and Manager

In order to be successful, an organisation needs to have effective teams within it – all working together to achieve organisational objectives. Part of the management challenge is building teams who have complimentary skills, can problem solve and are well motivated. Ultimately, you may be trying to move your team to being self-managed – this Building Effective Teams course will help you to create a high performing team and give you tips on managing the team effectively. 

Who is this course aimed at?

Team Leaders, Supervisors and Manager

How long does the course last?

1 day

What topics are covered?
  • What makes an effective team?
  • Belbin’s team roles
  • The stages a team goes through and the leadership style to use at each stage
  • Creating a high performing team
  • Empowering the team
  • Managing conflict within the team
What will I learn?

This workshop will give you a variety of tools to help you to build an effective team – from how to manage the team through different challenges, to how to empower the team (and therefore increase motivation).

1 Day

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