Decision Making/Problem Solving Course

1 Day
IDEAL FOR: New managers, Team leaders

“A decision is a judgment. It is a choice between alternatives. It is rarely a choice between right and wrong. It is at best a choice between ‘almost right’ and ‘probably wrong’ — but much more often a choice between two courses of action, neither of which is provably more nearly right than the other.”

The above quote from Peter Drucker sums up the challenge with effective decision making – most decisions are either “almost right” or “almost wrong”. As a manager you will make hundreds of decisions a day and the aim of this Decision Making/Problem Solving course is to help make sure those decisions are the best you can make!

Who is this course aimed at?

Managers and Supervisors who make decisions as part of their day-to-day job role

How long does the course last?

1 day

What topics are covered?

• Levels of decision making
• Results-focused decision making
• Taking accountability for decisions
• Problem Solving techniques (including root cause analysis)
• Organisational culture
• Using a cost benefit analysis
• Developing a resilient management approach
• Using the most appropriate decision making style (command, consultative, consensus and delegated)

What will I learn?

You will learn how to make results focused decisions and how to effectively share these decisions with your team to ensure a successful conclusion

1 Day

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