Leading Change Course

1 Day
IDEAL FOR: Anyone involved in a leading a change project

Organisational change is a fact of life, but one that doesn’t always achieve a successful outcome. When evaluating a change initiative, most organisations will identify that they could have managed things differently, communicated more successfully and embedded the change more effectively. This leading change programme helps you to understand how to manage change initiatives by identifying the drivers for change and the supporting individuals throughout the process, to achieve your desired outcomes.

Who is this course aimed at?

Anyone involved in a leading a change project

How long does the course last?

1 day

What topics are covered?
  • Identifying what needs to change using SWOT analysis
  • The steps to successful change management
  • People’s reactions to change and how to manage them
  • Overcoming barriers to change
  • Creating a change culture
What will I learn?

How to successfully identify and lead a change project, managing the expectations of those impacted by the change and planning to achieve the desired outcome.

1 Day

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