Last weekend I started on a new adventure – I went back to University!

I have signed up to do a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Coaching at Leicester Castle Business School (part of De Montfort University), a course that will not only give me an academic qualification but also enable me to become an accredited coach.

The first 4 days were intense, challenging and hugely enjoyable!  Not only am I learning lots as a coach (and my coaching sessions will undoubtedly benefit as a result) but I am also learning lots about myself.  This weekend we looked at Emotional Intelligence, personality and beliefs, as well as getting to coach each other and have some invaluable time for reflection.

Amongst the many things I learnt over this weekend was the power of silence – often in life we ask a question and expect an immediate response, filling any silences with further questions or irrelevant detail.  However, reading Nancy Kline’s Time to Think has really changed my perspective on this.  Using silences in coaching sessions allows people the time to think, time we don’t usually get as part of our hectic day to day lives.  Coaching should be a challenging but supportive environment to help the individual seek the answers they are looking for, and explore their implications.  The power of silence allows this to happen in a safe environment.

I also learnt a lot about myself, my emotional intelligence and how I can improve as a coach.  Looking after yourself should be a priority for everyone, and particularly if your role is to support others.  I had neglected this (as many of us do) and have been reminded over the weekend that I can only help others if I help myself first.

I still have 8 days (and a lot of work!) on the programme, and I will keep you updated on progress.  However, if anyone is interested in some coaching sessions, then please do get in touch – I am really excited to put into practice the tools and techniques we are learning and share with others the insights I have gained.

In the spirit of Learning at Work week (and encouraging people to develop themselves), I am also offering a discount on any coaching sessions booked before the end of June 2018.  For more information, contact me on