This week is Learning at Work week (14th – 18th May) and the theme for 2018 is “Networked for Learning”.

I love the fact that, for one whole week a year, we can celebrate the brilliance of learning at work – yet, isn’t this something we should be doing every day?  I frequently hear leaders in organisations saying that “people are our best asset” and “we value our people” so, to that end, every week should be learning at work week!

Now, I am a little biased.  After all, I spend everyday encouraging and helping people to learn something new and I absolutely love it!  But that isn’t the same for everyone.

Learning takes time (taking people away from their busy day jobs) and money (from already stretched budgets).  So, we need to find new, cost effective ways of helping people learn.

The theme of Networked for Learning is an interesting one.  Increasingly I am being asked to develop short online workshops that people can log into wherever they may be in the world – short bursts to give people knowledge that can help them in their day jobs.

This kind of learning is great allowing people to increase their knowledge and I love helping people to learn something new.

Yet, it’s no substitute for face to face training (although it is a great support to F2F training).  High energy, interactive, experiential workshops where people can really get involved and put their learning to the test may be a little traditional but are still a brilliant way for people to learn.  They also start to build their own networks of people to learn from, support them and talk to.

People often think of IT when they see the word “networked” but, for me, “Networked for Learning” means learning from your peers, colleagues, friends and anyone else in your network.

And seeing people develop those networks during one of my workshops is one of the best parts of this job!