There has been a fantastic buzz around Leicester for the last few weeks, and a lot of nervous football fans who dared to dream the impossible might happen – and it did!

The #backingtheblues campaign has been great, with the whole city getting behind the football club.  The feeling of excitement and pride is difficult to express – I had to smile this morning, when I passed a small boy on is way to school, draped in the Leicester flag and singing “champions!”

For me, it is a lesson in what can be achieved if you believe in something and work hard.  It is also a great lesson in leadership – what Ranieri has achieved with a team of players who many other clubs didn’t want it amazing.

His ability to motivate, inspire and his innovative thinking have contributed to this success.  It also goes to show that it is not about paying for the most expensive players – I read this morning that Manchester United have spent the same amount on players in the last 2 years that Leicester have in their 130 year history.

There is a lot to learn for business from this success.  Look after your star players, nurture them, motivate them and they will achieve the impossible for you!

Many congratulations to Leicester City from JK Training – we are looking forward to the rest of the celebrations!