Those people that know me well, know that I am crazy about Christmas. At any time during the year I can tell you exactly how many sleeps it is until Christmas.

So, I thought it was time I wrote a blog that was dedicated to the big man himself, Father Christmas. Every year, without fail, he delivers on his promises to millions of children – a level of customer service many organisations would be envious of. And I started to think about the leadership skills demonstrated by Mr Claus.

  1. His vision is shared. The vision he has of spreading joy and happiness by providing children (and adults!) with a gift is shared by those who work with him. The elves are committed to this vision and help Santa make it reality.
  2. His team is well motivated. There’s no question that the elves work hard, particularly at this time of year. And yet they do this with a smile on their faces and, from what we know, little grumbling about their working conditions.
  3. He is a role model. It is Father Christmas himself who, on Christmas Eve, puts in the shift to end all shifts and deliver all those presents around the world. He sets an example for others in his work ethic, how cheerful he is and his dedication to the role. He also looks really smart in his red suit.
  4. He is passionate and committed. Any child who goes to see Father Christmas knows how passionate he is about making others happy, and he has made it is life’s work to achieve this.
  5. He is a great communicator. Not only is the vision communicated well to the elves, but Santa is able to communicate with people from all works of life – children, parents and carers, elves and Mrs Claus.

I think there is a lot we could learn from Father Christmas, with his smiley disposition and kind word for everyone. His team always seem to be happy, work hard and are inspired by their cause. And, I for one believe in him!

Merry Christmas all!